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Adventure Touring

Islay 14LV

A longer kayak is a faster kayak, allowing you to cover larger distances; the Islay 14 is an adventure touring kayak with a length similar to that of a sea kayak, but in a format that offers a little more stability and manoeuvrability. Ideal for beginners and intermediates who want to try their hand at cosy weekend adventures and relaxed journeys of up to a week in length on canals, sheltered lakes, and gentle rivers.

Choose This Kayak For:

  • Medium to long distance journeys.
  • Exploring lakes and gentle rivers with ease and the confidence to take photos from the kayak.
  • The best combination of hull efficiency, speed, and a manageable size.
Outfitting: Fit 4 | Construction: MZ3
Outfitting: Fit 4 | Construction: MZ3


MZ3 Construction

Lizard Green

Fuego Orange

Ocean Turquoise

Surfing in the Islay 14

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  • Skeg with Twistlock Footrests
  • Rudder with Toe Pilot Footrests
  • Flush Mount Fishing Rod Holders
  • Storage Pod


More Info
Size 14LV
Weight (MZ3)25kg
Max Paddler Weight100kg
Deck SizeXL
Size 14LV
Length13' 9"
Weight (MZ3)55lb
Max Paddler Weight220lb
Deck SizeXL