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Performance Touring

Jura HV

A highly capable sea kayak with superb stability, versatile gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, a large cockpit, and plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys.

Whether you're progressing into sea kayaking from adventure touring, or being introduced straight to the sea, the Jura will look after you during your first paddle strokes, yet has all the performance and features you'll need to continue well beyond this.

Choose This Kayak For:

  • Smoothing the learning curve and enjoying learning to sea kayak in confidence.
  • Advancing from a touring kayak to something just as stable but with a sea kayaking focus.
  • A sea kayak with more room to stretch than a traditional design.
Outfitting: Connect | Construction: TriLite | Extras: Bow Mini Hatch
Outfitting: Connect | Construction: TriLite


MZ3 Construction

Lizard Green

Fuego Orange

Tahoe Blue

Skudder - The Best of Both Worlds, Skeg & Rudder

Video List


  • Skeg with Twistlock Footrests
  • Skudder with Toe Pilot Footrests
  • Flush Fit Fishing Rod Holders
  • Bow Mini Hatch
  • Sail System


More Info
Size HV
Weight (MZ3)27.5kg
Max Paddler Weight124kg
Deck SizeXL
Size HV
Length16' 1"
Weight (MZ3)60.5lb
Max Paddler Weight275lb
Deck SizeXL