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Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the design and quality of each and every Venture Canoe & Kayak, and each one is built to take you on a lifetime of adventures that are worry free and memorable for all the right reasons; that's why we offer a Lifetime Warranty* as standard. (* Valid to the original owner against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product).

In the rare occurrence that a warranty claim is necessary, we will always do our best to provide a speedy resolution and help you get back on the water with as little effort on your part as possible; all we ask is that prior to using your Venture Canoe or Kayak, you familiarise yourself with our care & maintenance guidelines and adhere to them as far as possible.

If you believe that you have a genuine warranty claim; please contact the dealer from which the boat was purchased in the first instance, detailing the nature of the claim, the circumstances in which the fault became evident, and providing supporting evidence including a copy of your proof of purchase and clear photos of the fault as well as of the whole boat.